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I. 知识点过关

1. 下面是一篇由一个学生写的关于广告的文章。
  Below ______ _______ article about advertisements _______ by a student.
  Upstairs_____ three experienced professors.
  Walking towards us ______ Li Hua and his classmates.


2. 商业广告是为了推销某种产品或服务而花钱做的广告。
  A commercial advertisement is ______ which someone has paid for to advertise a product or service.
 1) A book is ______ that can help deepen our thought and broaden our eyes.
 2) This dictionary is __________ I am after.

3) I’d like to buy my mother a birthday present, ______ that is useful but not expensive.


3. 工业广告往往是免费投放的,旨在就有关健康、安全或影响到其它公共福利的任何其它问题教育人们。

PSAs ________ often _______ _______, and ______ _______ ______ educate people about health, ________, or any other problem that affects public welfare.



  1) I don’t like this kind of cloth, as its colour runs easily. (       )

  2) Still water runs deep. (       )

  3) Tom will run in the race at 16:oo this afternoon. (       )

  4) Peter always dreamed of running a large company in a big city. (       )

  5) Don’t worry. After the party, I will run you home. (       )

  6) That musical(音乐剧) ran for three months in Beijing last year. (       )

  7) Could you run the machine for a moment? (       )

  8) That kind of food runs bad easily on hot days. (       )

B. 写出下列短语的汉语意思

  run across(       )  run into(       )   run out(       )   
run after(       )


4. 有法律保护人们免受虚假广告的侵害。

  There are laws __________ people _______ advertisements that cheat people.

  模仿:There be句式

   There are many ways ________ _______ these problems.

2) 看,有几个学生在操场上打篮球。

   Look. There are several students _________ basketball on the playground.

3) 有很多的风景名胜值得一看。
  There are lots of places interest ______ _______ _______ _______.

4) 田野里有很多被大风吹倒的树。

There lay many trees _______ down by strong winds.


5. Even if an ad does not lie, it does not mean it is altogether innocent.

 A. lie (说谎) (过去式) ______    (过去分词) ______  (现在分词)_______

    lie ()(过去式) ______    (过去分词) ______  (现在分词)_______

    lay (______):(过去式) ______    (过去分词) ______  (现在分词)_______

B. mean
  1) I am sure that is because he didn’t mean ________ (trouble) you.
  2) The satisfied look on his face meant his quite________(agree) with our suggestions.


6. Not all ads play tricks on us though.

  All of them didn’t attend my birthday party last Friday.


  Both of them aren’t satisfied with the plan.


  Every one can’t finish the task in only two hours.



1) 他们两个人都不会操作这台机器。

2) 我们都会上这个广告的当的。

II. 语法填空

Dear Professor Liu,

I want to thank you for offering such useful advice 1._________ (deal) with my research. I
2.__________ (publish) my article about advertisements on our school website, and have received many kind comments about it from my 3.________(read). The information I found has 4._____ (real) helped me educate others in the ways in which companies promote their products.

Before 5.______(consult) you, I had no comprehension that a company might try to fool people into buying a product or service. Now, even if there are 6. ______(excite) pictures and clever language in an ad, I will remember 7._______(think) before I buy something so that I will not 8.________(cheat).

I will also pay a lot more attention to the public service ad campaigns.9. _______ I know how they can benefit the 10._______(social), I will encourage my friends to pay attention to them as well.


   People cannot get away from advertisements which promotes cheap goods and free gifts. Last week, I have read an ad for a sale. See the attractive prices for the goods, I couldn’t help driving to the supermarket. Like the advertisement said, most of the things there were much more cheaper than usual. In no time, I filled two baskets of 10 bars of soap, 2 very nice-looked kitchen knives, and so on. Before my husband got home and saw all the things I bought, he said, “What do you need all these things for?” He was right. There was already enough soap at home, and there was already two knives in the kitchen drawer. I think I should smart about ads in future and not be tricked by them.

III. 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其段落大意,然后从每题所给的ABCD四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。

I take the train to work every morning from a train station near my house. I can get to the station quite easily because there is a short   36    to the station. But in the summer, it can get quite smelly because of all the   37  . So I always try to   38   through it. Today I was trying to do so as usual   39    something made me stop for a moment. I saw the most beautiful   40   by an old woman walking in front of me with the help of a white   41  .

She was short and   42   and had white hair. She was walking slowly as each   43    took some effort. I hadn’t specially   44    her at first, until she stopped near a rubbish bin.

She slowly placed her walking stick   45    the rubbish bin. Then she leaned(斜倚着) on it with her right hand. She bent down and   46    the rubbish. She clearly found it   47    and it took her a while. She picked some rubbish with her left hand and   48    straightened(伸直) herself up again. All the while she used the rubbish bin to   49    herself. She threw the rubbish inside the bin and then   50   walking. It all took her great effort.

There’s so much rubbish and no one ever does   51    about it. I was   52  _ to see this old woman make such a great effort to keep even a small part of it   53   ! I haven’t been able to   54   thinking about that all day.

I want to follow her   55  . I’ve decided to pick up rubbish off the ground if I meet from now on. I hope people will do the same as I do.

36.  A. ending

B.   zone

C.   cut

D.   entrance

37.  A. rubbish

B.   boxes

C.   bottles[来源:#

D.   mosquitoes

38.  A. walk

B.   pass

C.   go

D.   rush

39.  A. while

B.   until

C.   when

D.   because

40.  A. signal

B.   act

C.   mark

D.   sign

41.  A. bike                B. stick                       C. dog                        D. umbrella

42.  A. weak               B. fancy                            C. local                       D. merciful

43.  A. walk               B. bend                      C. pace                       D. step

44.  A. watched         B. seen                       C. observed                D. noticed

45.  A. in                    B. around                   C. against                   D. under

46.  A. searched for   B. looked for              C. reached for            D. hunted for

47.  A. unable             B. difficult                 C. different                D. impossible

48.  A. slowly             B. swiftly                   C. simply                    D. briefly

49.  A. protect            B. help                        C. support                  D. sink

50.  A. continued              B. started                   C. enjoyed                  D. explored

51.  A. something       B. anything                C. good                      D. effort

52.  A. frightened      B. moved                   C. removed                D. shocked

53.  A. busy                B. beautiful                C. dirty                       D. clean

54.  A. keep                B. stop                        C. mind                      D. select

55.  A. protection       B. reality                    C. example                 D. style


DuctBot measured 23 centimeters in length, 19 centimeters in width and 9 centimeters in height and weighs just two kilograms.

The robot is designed to snake through dark, narrow air conditioning ducts (管道) and clean them. A pair of LEDs fitted on the robot light up the dirty scenery, so it can be captured(捕获,拍摄) by a camera.

In order to control it more easily, Mr. Azad chooses to fix DuctBot on wheels. The robot can clean off lots of dirt, as well as dead pigeons and insects. Keeping indoor air in good quality and monitoring carbon dioxide levels in buildings with central air conditioning is a challenge. It is important in some places where clean air can mean a difference between life and death, such as hospitals. Dirty air has a bad influence on people’s health.

EPSCO, a Dubai?based company which specializes in improving indoor air quality, read about Mr. Azad’s invention in a national newspaper after he had won an international robotics competition. EPSCO had cleaning equipment, but it needed someone to get into those ducts to do the dirty dangerous work. Across India, for example, the task still falls to children. They are small enough to go through those ducts.

In 2005, Mr. Azad who was still at university decided to do something about it. Six years later his own company, Robosoft Systems, has Bluestar, EPSCO and the Indian Navy, some leading air condition makers, as partners.

Mr. Azad and his ten employees are currently exploring robot designs 说明: 学科网(www.zxxk.com)--教育资源门户,提供试卷、教案、课件、论文、素材及各类教学资源下载,还有大量而丰富的教学相关资讯!to examine oil tanks or sewage (污水) pipes. Their biggest challenge is to make the robots user-friendly enough. Mr. Azad hopes that the robot could eventually be operated not by engineers but by workers. There will be lots of difficulties they need to overcome in the future.

1. What can we learn about Ductbot?[来源:学科网]

A. It is a robot and popular with children.

B. It is designed to move like a snake in the ducts.

C. Many LEDs are fitted on it to tell its location.

D. It is actually a camera to capture dirty scenery.

2. The underlined word “IT” in Paragraph 2 refers to “________”.

A. the camera        B. the conditioning duct

C. the LED light          D. the dirty scenery

3. According to the text, EPSCO ________.

A. has won an international robotics competition

B. hired children to clean the dirty ducts in the past

C. is the only partner of Robosoft Systems

D. specializes in improving people’s health

4. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?

A. Only engineers can operate the Ductbot now.

B. New ways have been found to examine oil tanks.

C. Azad’s difficulties are impossible to overcome.

D. Azad’s team are working to improve their robot designs.


完型:36-40CADCB   41-45BADDC   46-50 CBACA   51-55BBDBC 阅读:BDBD

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